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Sunday, April 24, 2011


Image from Google Maps after processing to enhance details.
Near the Titicaca Lake, Peru.

This image shows a small area covered by a network of waru-warus, that is, of the "raised fields" - earthworks separated by canals - near the Titicaca Lake. This is an ancient agricultural technique used by Andean people starting from the first millennium BC. Note that the structure of the network is created after a careful planning. Each raised field is approximately 10 meters large and more than one hundred long.

It seems a snake, the pond as its eye and a bifid tongue.
To see the forked tongue it is necessary a zoom on the head and a filtering with wavelets to enhance the details.

More on waru-waru
arXiv:1009.4602 [pdf] Geoglyphs of Titicaca as an ancient example of graphic design, Amelia Carolina Sparavigna
arXiv:1009.2231 [pdf] Symbolic landforms created by ancient earthworks near Lake Titicaca, Amelia Carolina Sparavigna