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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Invisibility cloaks

Novel cloaking device makes 'larger' objects invisible, 20 April 2011 | By Andrew Czyzewski
"Researchers have developed a novel ‘cloaking carpet’ that is able to conceal objects far larger relative to its size than previous devices. Now, a group of researchers from Denmark and the UK has tested a novel metamaterial cloaking device that is only around four times the size of the object it was able to conceal....‘Instead of transforming the cloaked area to a point invisible to our eyes, a carpet cloak disguises the obstacle from light by making it appear like a flat ground plane,’ said Shuang Zhang of Birmingham University, who worked on the project alongside colleagues from Imperial College London and the Technical University of Denmark...The researchers used metamaterials, which are engineered to have optical properties not found in nature, but used a novel grating structure comprising a series of slits or openings to redirect a beam of light."