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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just lines?

Near the shore of the Titicaca Lake, the raised fields are well preserved.
They are arranged to form symbols, not just parallel lines!

A bird and a lamb? Or other animals?

This image, obtained after processing a Google Maps image, shows some waru-warus, that is,  the "raised fields" - earthworks separated by canals. This is an ancient agricultural technique used by Andean people starting from the first millennium BC. Each raised field is approximately 10 meters large and more than one hundred long. 

More on waru-waru

arXiv:1009.4602 [pdf] Geoglyphs of Titicaca as an ancient example of graphic design, Amelia Carolina Sparavigna

arXiv:1009.2231 [pdf] Symbolic landforms created by ancient earthworks near Lake Titicaca, Amelia Carolina Sparavigna