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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Rodadero

Rodadero and Qocha  Chincanas at Cusco

"To the north of Chuquipampa we find Suchuna. It is a geologic formation similar to a hill with some waviness forming ruts parallel to the rocks. Nowadays, children use it as it was a slide. Inca Garcilazo says that he also played here when he was a child.  At the top there is the famous "Inca Throne" or k'usillup hink'inan (jump of the monkey). ... In Rodadero we also find terraces, tunnels, tombs and stairs carved in stone. Recent works have revealed a spring that provided water to a round puddle from where a complex net of canals started.There is no doubt that Suchuna was a very important religious place as Guamancancha, temple of the fourth ceque of the Chinchaysuyo, was located there.It should have been two small rooms from where they observe the remains to the east side of the slide."
From http://www.incatrailbookings.com/Suchuna-or-Rodadero.html
And also

Let us use Google Maps: in the following image we can see the pond.

After a processing see more clearly the circular pond, Qocha.

Let us note thta "qocha" means lake or lagoon. Therefore there are many places with Qocha in their names:  Chakilqocha = Dry Lake, Q'omer-qocha = Green Lake, Qocha Perdida = Lost Lagoon, Qewña-Qocha  = Polylepis tree Lagoon, and also Cochabamba = Qocha Pampa = plains with water.