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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Raised fields and qochas

The "raised fields" are an ancient agricultural technique, based on the used of earthworks and a system of canals and ponds for water. This technique was used in South America, long before Columbus. Near the Titicaca Lake, it is possible to see using the Google Maps, a huge area marked by the remains of this agricultural system. In fact, some local farmers are still using old raised fields.

Are the following structures I found by means of Google Maps, modern or ancient?
Have they a symbolic meaning?

The "sun wheel"
Comparison 2011-2010
Another "sun wheel"
Two circular and radial structures.
The location of these images is the Chicchapampa, Lake Titicaca. 
To see other geoglyphs of Titicaca, use please the label "Geoglyphs".