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Monday, June 25, 2018


When Hannibal arrived in the plan near Torino, he found Taurasia with its gates closed. Taurasia was pro-Rome. After a battle of three days, Hannibal destroyed completely Taurasia and also the Celtic people of Taurini. He did it so well that, today, we have no idea where Taurasia was. What happened? The people of Taurini survived only in the name of Torino or are here in our DNA? I think that they are here in DNA. But Taurini disappeared from history, and we know them only from the name of the town, Julia Augusta Taurinorum, in honor of the alliance with Rome.
The emblem of Torino is the bull (toro), but the name of the people, Taurini, had its origin in a Celtic word meaning  "gate", "tower". That is, the people of the Gate of the Alps.