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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hardknott fort sunrises on summer solstice

As told by Ben Johnson on the Hardknott Roman Fort at 
"A trip to the Roman fort at Hardknott in Cumbria is probably not for those of a nervous disposition!! The drive up the steep, winding, narrow road through Hardknott and Wynose passes is often tricky and always a little frightening ... , but this adds to the experience, as the setting of the fort is spectacular and the scenery incredible."

I would like to add something to these worlds.
Let me use the following shapshot from the Photographer's Ephemeris.

We can see how the Roman fort wakes up on the summer solstice.
Viewed from the center, the sun rises along the direction of the NE gate.
The sunset corresponds to the NW gate.
This year the moon is 98%, that is full moon! Fantastic!

More on the Hardknott fort at