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Monday, December 10, 2012

Dimensions for making a replica Roman Dodecahedron (2)

Let us suppose somebody wants to make a replica of a Roman dodecahedron,.
Here another recipe. Consider the image

Centered at the center of each face, draw a circle, which will be a hole. These circles usually have different diameters. Print and cut the image.
 If you want some figures, you can, for instance use the article by
Duval Paul-Marie. Comment décrire les dodécaèdres gallo-romains, en vue d'une étude
comparée. In: Gallia. Tome 39, fascicule 2, 1981. pp. 195-200, doi : 10.3406/galia.1981.1829
Here I reproduce an image.

You have the exact potions of holes.
According to the image of the dodecahedron, 1 is opposite 12, 2 opposite 11, 3 opposite 10, etc.