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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The legend of Cangjie

After unifying China, the Yellow Emperor, being terribly dissatisfied with his Quipu method  of recording information, charged Cangjie of creating characters for writing. Cangjie then settled down on the bank of a river, and devoted himself to the completion of the task at hand. ... One day, Cangjie  saw a phoenix flying in the sky above, carrying an object in its beak. The object fell to the ground directly in front of Cangjie, and he saw it to be an impression of a hoof-print. Not being able to recognize which animal the print belonged to, he asked for the help of a local hunter passing by on the road. The hunter told him that this was the hoof-print of a Pixiu. This conversation with the hunter greatly inspired Cangjie  ... From that day forward, Cangjie paid close attention to the characteristics of all things, including the sun, moon, stars, clouds, lakes, oceans, as well as all manner of bird and beast. He began to create characters according to the special characteristics he found, and before long, had compiled a long list of characters for writing. To the delight of the Yellow Emperor, Cangjie presented him with the complete set of characters.
Adapetd from Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cangjie

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