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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cryogenic energy storage

Cryogenic energy storage plant could provide valuable back-up | News | The Engineer
"The UK’s first cryogenic power storage plant, which uses liquid nitrogen to store and release energy, is scheduled to open next month. Its operator, Highview Power Storage, said the system could provide a relatively cheap way of storing power, particularly from intermittent sources such as wind turbines, to better match the supply of electricity to demand.The pilot facility near Slough has been providing electricity to the National Grid since April last year by evaporating liquid nitrogen stored at -200ºC to drive turbine generators. Highview is now installing equipment to re-liquefy and compress the nitrogen using electricity from the grid, creating a closed cryogenic system that can store energy at times of surplus and release it when it is needed, while re-using the cold air exhaust."