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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Merowe Dam on the Nile

The artificial lake (reservoir) created by the Merowe Dam on the Nile has been photographed by the crew of the International Space Station. This image is recent, dating 5 October 2010. The dam is on the Nile near the Fourth Cataract, in that part of Nubia desert where the river Nile is creating the Great Bend, a contorted path through the bedrocks of Bayuda Massif. The satellite imagery of Google Maps, which is a few years old, shows the region, when the dam was under construction. Using Google, we see the Nile and river banks creating a fertile strip of land with many villages. 
We can compare the region before and after the spill gates have been closed.
Comparison shows that the lake created itself through the paleochannes, the old dry riverbeds. 

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